TikTok has rolled out a new feature as a part of anti-bullying efforts that will help the creator to delete, report, and block bulk comments and accounts

Every social media platform tries to provide such tools to their users which rapidly help them to deal with a bully and online abuse. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook have provided their users an option through which the creator can limit the comments. TikTok has recently introduced a feature as a part of anti-bullying efforts that will help the creator to delete, report, and block bulk accounts and comments. This will help a lot in reducing the number of bully cases on this social media platform. Now the creator does not need to select the comment one-by-one, instead, he can select the bulk comments and then block or delete them.

The company acknowledges that people put their efforts while creating a video and they feel demotivated and discouraged when they receive such kinds of unkind, vulgar, and abusive comments. The director of Product for Trust and Safety said in a blog post that through this latest feature, the creators will feel more comfortable and empowered over their experience on the platform. However, this update may be somewhat provocative, as it will allow creators to curate a facade where the content they have posted is seemly well-received, but genuinely, it had a lot of improvement from the wider community of TikTok.

Twitter has gone through a similar situation in the past, and ultimately fragmented the difference between giving the genuine poster control over the chat and yielding that switch to the Twitter user base in general. The “Hidden Replies” feature of Twitter helps users to tuck all the uncooperative and discourteous comments behind an extra tap, through this feature, the replies don’t removed entirely; they were not allowed to disrupt a discussion. TikTok wants to give complete control to the user just like Facebook, if users think that the comment is abusive or rude, they can easily delete, report, or block that comment in bulk quantity.

TikTok gives a great opportunity to the creators to entertain their followers and can have a conversation with the help of videos. TikTok has another famous feature named duet, through which the user can react or reply to the content of another user on the site, it also helps the user in raising new content on its profile. Some of the creators use this feature in their favor. They single out others who have uploaded the video they disagree with. They then duet or stitch that content to share their own believes and thoughts on the content. This process allows the angry fans to troll and bullies the actual poster. TikTok discourages such kind of behavior and the latest feature cannot completely solve the trolling, or bullying problem on the platform but it can reduce such problems up to great extent.

The new “bulk delete” feature will allow the creator to clean up their comment section and block bully and trolls faster than before. The creator can use this latest feature by tapping long a comment or by selecting a pencil icon on the upper-left corner to open a window of selections, from there, the creator can choose up to 100 comments instead of choosing each comment. The new feature will be launched first in the UK, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and Thailand, and said that it will also launch this feature to the other countries of the world soon.

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