Twitter brings the reply-limiting feature for everyone in its latest version

Finally, the reply-limiting feature has been rolled out by Twitter in its latest update version for everyone.

Last week, Twitter accidentally published the news in its released notes that this new feature was coming up for iOS users only. People got excited but there was a fear that it might not happen, and Twitter might decide to not launch the feature anytime soon. But luckily, none of that happened and Twitter did not change its mind. And the added good news is that the new feature has now been made available for everyone.

It was long overdue for Twitter to launch a feature like that. After all, Twitter wars and heated arguments between users are not uncommon on the platform. Many times people Tweet something and receive harsh comments from everyone, even strangers, and that is very disturbing situation.

Twitter is known for its open nature, and it is widely popular amongst the politicians, heads of states, celebrities, media personalities, etc. There are many instances when random people start slinging mud on some celebrity they do not like, or on politicians they do not agree with. To limit hate speech and harmful content, a few months ago, Twitter had decided to bring a feature that would prompt the user to re-read and review their tweet before posting it. This was meant to stop the users from violating the hate speech policies of the platform and to control these Twitter wars before they can even begin.

Now, Twitter has come up with this latest update of a reply-limiting feature, and that is just great! Now users will be able to choose who may reply to their tweets and who may not! This is going to control internet trolling, bullying, and bashing too.

This feature is simple to use. As the users compose a new tweet, they can choose from three options before sending the tweet. Those three options will give the users a choice about who may reply to their tweets. These three options are: ‘Everyone,’ which is a default setting, ‘Only People You are Following,’ and ‘Only people that you mentioned.’

Apart from ‘Everyone,’ whenever an option is chosen, the reply icon grays out for those people who are not allowed to reply to that tweet.

However, there is a catch! While direct replies can be limited, users still cannot limit strangers and random people from retweeting, sharing, liking a specific tweet, or from commenting on that tweet via quote retweet! This means that if someone wants to bash a tweeter, and if direct replying is banned for that random person, he or she can still manage to do so through the quote retweet feature.

Even with this unwanted limitation with the reply-limiting feature, many users are still happy and are already feeling a lot safer and comfortable while tweeting than before. They feel that they are protected from abuse, spam, unwanted messages, and other sorts of internet harassment with the help of this feature. 60% of the users who were testing this feature said that they did not have to use the Mute or Block features for a while since the reply-limiting feature was helpful enough.

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