Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey Believes Cryptocurrency Has the Power to Change the World and That He Can Work for It All His Life

Bitcoin has made a prominent place in the world and something that was made with an initiation of a few dollars is now worth millions. Though there is a fair share of group which believes that bitcoin is worthless and a waste of time and money but there is a large majority which actually think it is beneficial and will change the world.

Among this group one such is a well-known name Jack Dorsey who happens to be the CEO of Twitter and Square.

The CEO believes that cryptocurrency has a lot of potential and is worth investing in. According to him, cryptocurrency can hold such dynamic power in the future that it can have the ability to support and protect the fall in currency as well as help create a new and stronger financial system which will ensure a support and provide inclusiveness to the neglected communities.

The CEO further took the stage at the Bitcoin Conference of 2021 to comment on the fact that there is nothing more important to him to work on in life than bitcoins and cryptocurrency and though he is working on Twitter and Square and he is proud of how far he has come with the two applications, if he did not have these two he would surely be working for Bitcoin.

He even said that if any day Bitcoin needed help and guidance from him than Twitter and Square he will ditch the two tech giants to work for it.

His love for this subject and currency goes so deep that now Jack Dorsey has partnered with Jay Z to create their own Bitcoin endowment called “Btrust” in February 2021, through which it plans on developing Cryptocurrency in Africa and India. This team funded the new bitcoin endowment with 500 bitcoins which were worth 23.6 million dollars. The tech guru believes that bitcoin has come a long way and still has a long way to go and nobody in the near future will be able to stop or change cryptocurrency and he would love to work on it forever

The CEO also converted his money to bitcoin which he got from selling his first Tweet as an NFT and gave it as a donation to Give Directly Africa Response.

It is true though Bitcoin has managed to make itself prominent and have a stable position in the world and it is now worth million dollars. Though some people may think it not worth it we still believe is has the power and dynamics to change the world.

During the conference, Dorsey had to face a harsh comment from an attendee who interrupted his crypto discussion with the host, the heckler uttered that Twitter is not transparent when it comes to free speech as Twitter censors content on its platform and interfere with consumers' rights. However, Twitter's CEO responded back in a forbearance manner, Dorsey explained that corporate world and global communication both hold their own values, which means that Twitter needs to make money and yet the social network cares about the voices to reach their right destinations, he told the audience that his team is working on an open source standard called BlueSky which "will have none of the restrictions that you see on Twitter."

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