Instagram Might Be Working On an Option to Let You Save Your Reels in A Drafts Feature

Instagram is one of the top social media applications existing on the planet. The tech giant has a million users who rely on the application as a means for socializing and entertainment. However, the tech giant has also now become a platform through which users can actually make a living.

All this makes the tech giant realize how big of an impact it holds in its audiences lives and hence the company works hard day in and out to bring about and facilitate its users with the new and best features and tools it can offer.

The tech giant has recently brought about another new feature which is affiliated with its very recent feature called “Reels”

Instagram introduced Reels as a TikTok replacement for users when TikTok got banned in many parts of the world and though its timing for introduction was impeccable the tech giant is now working to take it forward and has launched “Drafts” for Reels.

The drafts feature is similar to the one we have on Twitter where users can write a tweet and instead of publishing it can save it on their account in the form of drafts.

The Reels feature will offer the same. Users can record a Reel from their account through any other phone and save it under the drafts section and can later upload it as per their convenience.

This is also a great feature because at times people prefer recording content on someone else’s phone with a better camera and video quality, so that they can upload it on their account, but at times they cannot upload the made video on the spot because it might need editing and for that they will have to go through the hassle of sending the recorded video from someone else’s phone to theirs. However, through this feature they can now easily record it, save it on the drafts and can later open the accounts on their phone to upload or edit it as per their convenience.

This feature had been requested by the Instagram community who make use of Reels a lot and the tech giant is known to come up with feature on the public’s demand. The feature was bring into the light by Alessandro Paluzzi who is a mobile developer and a guy who is known to uncover hidden features.

You must be thinking why you don’t have such an option yet. This is because Instagram has not yet launched this feature and it is still working on it. So it may take a few more weeks before it hits your screen.

Photo: CHRIS DELMAS via Getty Images

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