TikTok's new rival Shorts launches in 3 new countries; YouTube promises better features coming soon

YouTube's new rival app for TikTok, 'Shorts’, is being launched in 3 new countries including UK, Canada, and Latin America.

YouTube has been taking over the internet little by little with its ever-expanding base. There is nothing left to question in regards to its dominance with the 2 billion users and thousands of hours of content posted daily. The content harbored by the platform is undoubtedly making a huge impact and changing lives every single second.

As YouTube and Google decide to expand, we got blessed with yet another feature, a YouTube version of TikTok; Shorts. Shorts was introduced a while back in India, and then in US and is now being launched all over the world with the recent appearance in the UK and Canadian industry. Latin Americans were the third population to be chosen this time around as we impatiently wait for Shorts to become as huge as YouTube and be a worldwide trend.

Users will now be able to access the infinite YouTube inventory to choose the ingredients to cook up the perfect 60-second video. Since YouTube is rather behind the whole 60-second trend and entered the race a little too late, it is seen conjuring up everything it possibly can to make this work.

YouTube has been handsomely adding in features to make Shorts stand out amongst the sea of reels, tik talks, and spotlights. It has been particularly focusing on geographical expansion as its prime selling point. Since Shirts is a beta version, there are still plenty of features that YouTube intends to add in a while including using licensed music samples as YouTube has already promised the acquiring of 250 labels and brands for its new feature including Warner Music Company and Sony Entertainment.
The new features that are already a part of the recently launched application bit are new texts, updated graphics, color correction filters, and captions to improve the user experience. Videos featured on Shorts can be scrolled vertically much like its rival app TikTok however Shorts allows content creators to click directly to the original content like Tiktok that will let the originators have all the credit they deserve. YouTube has been using user responses to tailor their upcoming features, according to a spokesperson.

YouTube has not shown any intent to launch a separate app anytime soon for their newly launched feature. It has not even confirmed the user response yet as the company is deciding to keep the number of creators and viewers hidden at the moment. However, it has been confirmed through the site that 6.5 billion views have been recorded in countries where Shorts has already been introduced. As the ratio of countries is still low, that does say something.

YouTube also tried one of its usual tactics to attract content creators by introducing a fund of 100 million dollars to apparently 'invest' in creators. Whether this works or not, we have yet to see.

The feature will be rolled out starting today and will reach all users till the end of June, so stay tuned to check out YouTube’s take on the trending 60-second video trend.

Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images

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