YouTube has started rolling out its new timed comment feature, making time stamps comments pop up on viewer’s screen

YouTube sure is an amazing platform with interesting videos about every possible topic, the platform is an awesome place for entertainment and learning. People all over the world enjoy the endless number of videos posted on it. The videos on YouTube are surely interesting and fun but so are the comments under YouTube videos, the comment sections are filled with interesting facts, experiences and at times jokes that would make you laugh until your stomach hurts.

Well, if you are someone that loves to read comments while you are enjoying your favorite YouTube video then you might have noticed how people use a time stamp in the comments section to point out a moment in the video. For creating a time stamp users type in the minute and exact second of the part that they want to point out, this creates a hyperlink effect. When other users scrolling through the comments click on the time stamp, they video directly goes to that part. The moments that are time stamped the most by users are usually funny, thrilling or something unique that the eyes of other users might have missed.

Apart from pointing out funny and interesting moments from the video, the time stamp also has a very useful purpose. Time stamps helps save users time, people put different time stamps in the comments section of any long duration YouTube video in which the creator is not getting to the point, so that other users can click on their time stamp and skip directly to the part that will benefit them. This helps users save a lot of their time.

The time stamp option surely makes the whole experience of YouTube better and increases viewer’s experience. Recently Google added a notice that said that they are testing a new timed comment system which means that YouTube viewers will now be able to see a red box that pops up from the bottom, this red box will contain a time stamped comment containing other people’s comments about that certain part of the video. Any user can get their comment to pop up by commenting something with a time stamp both on iOS and Android devices.

Other famous apps such as SoundCloud have a similar feature that shows users comments about different parts of a song. This feature turned out to be very beneficial for Sound Cloud and certainly does increase their user experience however in the case of YouTube will it do the same or will it spoil the experience? Well that question will only be answered once YouTube releases this feature as right now it is under testing, which means that it is limited to only a few users and YouTube videos.

You can check whether you are amongst the lucky ones that got this feature by clicking on the sort button in the comments section.


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