YouTube Promises to Pay Creators $100 Million Who Create Content Using The New “Shorts” Format

YouTube which is an online video application launched a feature called Shorts. This feature is similar to TikTok and was first launched in India and is now being launched throughout United States. The short feature and its videos appear only in the mobile version of YouTube and the company has encouraged users to try out their newly launched feature.

The tech giant expanded its Shorts feature in the US in March and similar to TikTok users can swipe from one to the next in an endless full-screen feed.

The new feature does not provide creators a built-in way to make money or it is not known as of yet how much revenue YouTubers can earn through this therefore the tech giant recently announced that it will be paying 100 million dollars to creators who use YouTube Shorts throughout next year as an encouragement for users to be consistent on their feature.

How much users will earn or on what basis their payment will be decided is not known as of yet. However, the tech giant has announced that it will be seeking out creators on monthly basis and their payments and selection will be based on their engagements and views. The tech giant also said that anyone who posts short is eligible to selection and thousands of creators will be selected. Though there are some rules that creators need to abide by in order to make it to through the selection criteria. The one caveat for selection is that their videos have to be original content, and, of course, abide by YouTube’s community guidelines.

Initially the payments will first be given out in India and US because these are the only two regions the feature is currently operating fully, however, the tech giant has said that once its expands this feature to other regions the payments will follow through there as well. Though the tech giant has not announced when it will start giving out payments to creators for Shorts, the funds are expected to last from its start this year through some point in 2022.

Apart from YouTube, both Snapchat and Instagram both have started this TikTok alike feature and they are called Spotlight and Reels respectively.

All the companies are currently in action to make users stick to their platforms and features and just like YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat both have announced a specific amount of creators’ fund. TikTok launched a $200 million creators fund in July 2020 while Snapchat’s Spotlight which was launched in November 2020 paid out $1 million per day for a period of time after its TikTok competitor.

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