Shorts to Be Launched Fully in The US Region After It Shows a Great Positive Response

With the massive success and popularity TikTok has gotten forced other applications to launch a similar feature on their applications and then Instagram came up with its Reels while YouTube started testing its own version called Shorts.

Shorts on YouTube are small 60 seconds video that can be uploaded by any channel and while the feature was previously only available in India with a specific camera option for shorts on the application along with a few selected creators in the US as well. However, the popularity of shorts has increased because looking at a data from YouTube it was revealed that Shorts were generating 6.5 billion daily views, a substantial uptick over the 3.5 billion daily views that the feature was generating in late January.

Looking at this data, YouTube realizes that their version of Shorts is doing impeccably well and therefore the company has announced through its Creator Insider channel that TikTok competitor Shorts will roll out to all creators in the U.S. as of next week.

Though previously any user could upload a short traditional vertical videos that were less than 60 seconds long, regardless of having the full feature like Indian creators the few creators in US just by using the hashtag #Shorts in the titles or description boxes the full feature does have its own advantages.

The full roll out in the entire US Region means that the creators will have a complete access to the vertical camera along with a full suite of proprietary editing tools.

Apart from this, YouTube has also announced some new tools in its Shorts feature which will be launching really soon. These include the ability to record for 60 seconds though there are speculations that if you record a video with music from the YouTube library the recording will be capped at 15 seconds, though how true is this will only be confirmed once this feature is launched. Apart from this, color-correcting filters that will live both within the recording and editing screens; and auto-generated or self-supplied, manual captions are also being launched.

The company in order to make Shorts more discoverable and easy to be accessed by the users is also bringing along changes in the mobile app of YT where a new “Shorts” tab will be added at the bottom of its mobile home screen alongside ‘Home’, the create button, ‘Subscriptions’, and ‘Library’ as well as Shorts will replace the ‘Explore’ tab, YouTube says, which will now appear as the first bubbled topic at the top of the home feed.

The company says that they will help users in getting to know about the changes made in their app and getting used to it through in app notification every week.

Shorts have proven to be a great feature for YouTube and the company has a lot of expectations from it. We cannot wait to see when the tech giant will launch this feature globally.

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