Pinterest finally decided to feature what we all have been impatiently waiting for; a shopping list

Being one of the leading ‘aesthetic’ brands for years now, Pinterest has been keen to cater to all ages by providing some of the best content on the internet. It works as a inspirational forum, an affiliate site, a creative hub, and the home of new trends.

Pinterest has decided to add to its bucket of aesthetics with a 'shopping list'. While this might be an objective feature, we are more than delighted by the addition of this trait. There is no better site than Pinterest for customers and sellers to interact in a peaceful setting. The addition of a shopping list would now enable the site to become a perfect 'virtual mall' with its shopping pins, searches, and try-on.

The process is pretty simple; Pinterest would now save all your product pins in the new feature and attach details like product size and price along with it. This will save you from all the trouble of heaving through mountains of saved stuff to find the pin in question.

Furthermore, The platform promises to lighten your pockets as the site claims that you will be notified by the new feature when a price drops, keeping tabs on all the sales. This is a smart move as it would motivate buyers to browse more often.

Now, where to find this new feature? It will be available on top of all your boards with easy access. Pinterest claims that this will not only save your purchase pins but also keep a track of those you've viewed. The site does not take credit but of course the referral commission and directs buyers to the retailer's page.

We cannot wait to test out this new feature however, quite unfortunately, it will first launch in the UK and US, shortly followed by Australia and Canada with the whole world close behind.

If you think that is all, Pinterest decided to launch a bunch of other features as well proving you wrong. Such a feature would be the merchant tools. Users have surely caught wind of this project and Pinterest finally took some action through the launch of the Verified Merchant Program in multiple countries. This isn't a recent launch and made a debut last year however was introduced to 5 different countries this year. The project aims to offer an improved experience and maintain the standard by restricting sellers to manually pass a test to match the platform's standards for optimum quality. Their approval is shown through the display of a blue tick check.

Since Pinterest already faced a 10% decline in user activity, blaming the Covid restrictions being lifted off, the site wants to make sure that the users still dedicated to the platform are indeed receiving the best. To show this, it introduced multiple projects like the brief shopping spree known as the Goods by Pinterest, featuring limited items by renowned brands. The platform also launched campaigns including Shop the Mood and Pinterest Predicts.

Pinterest is stealing the show and we can guarantee that the content discovery network is succeeding. Since shopping lists are accessible on all devices starting today, be sure to check it out and leave a review below.

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