The desktop version of the Chrome browser is finally adding popular social media sharing buttons

Google Chrome has been a dominant browser covering the market share of about 63.5% from all over the world just after the few years of its launch, as it has become the primary browser of over millions of users now. The main reason that has made this browser top of the list is it always provides a friendly experience to users as it recently rolled out a sharing menu option that has now included the social media sharing shortcuts (or we may call it buttons) as well. Google Chrome will put the social media sharing shortcuts in the address bar so that people (epically, those whose job is centered around sharing a lot of web links) can easily use such icons to share their content. Up until now, we had to use third-party Chrome extensions or open different platforms manually to share stuff to social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and a few more. However, the updated menu will save a lot of time for users to share content on social media.

For now, Google Chrome has included the following social media platforms in the address bar named, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, and mail (that most mobile users are probably familiar with, as it appears as a share sheet on Chrome while sharing). However, the desktop version of sharing is still in the testing phase and will be rolled out soon to all users in the near future. Soon, users will see the official icon of the social media platforms instead of this same symbol that is being used in the (below featured) screenshot of this latest menu. This might be possible that Google Chrome trying to encourage its users to share content to social media through its browser because it will somehow grab more audience, so this new built-in option is a good inclusion and will help user to share website pages, videos, etc., to their friends and families or other persons as well on their social media accounts. Include this option to the ability to emphasize and share context from a certain element of the website page, and this stuff gets more fascinated.

After the working of this latest change, the response of the people will highlight whether they think it was a demanded feature or just a random one. Firstly, Google will launch this new menu option of social media shortcut in the address bar on its Canary desktop browser and it'll then launch this same option to the stable version of Chrome later, but the company has not yet made an announcement regarding this. If you are interested in trying out this under-development feature just be sure to install the latest Canary version and enable these three flags on the desktop version of the browser:

After enabling the above mentioned experimental flags, restart your browser and trying sharing a blog post from the address bar sharing icon and there you'll see the new buttons.

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