Google Chrome is planning to make social media sharing super easy on desktop devices

Google is known to be always on the go and introduce features that can be prove to be more beneficial to its users to allow them to do their daily tasks easily and quickly as much as possible. The company over the years has introduced features that have literally changed the whole internet browsing game. Google has brought changes in each and every thing that it has developed yet and keeps on improving them by keeping the comfort and experience of their users first, no matter what. We are all aware of the Sharing Hub feature on mobile devices; this feature basically allows you to share any web page with your Messages contacts, Whatsapp contacts and with your contacts on other social media apps as well. Google Chrome's Sharing Hub feature is available for use on both Android and iOS devices, but now it has been reported recently that Google is planning onto make this available on the desktop version as well! This will be available on Windows, Mac, Linux and of course on the Chrome operating system.

With the debut of Sharing Hub on the desktop version of Google Chrome, the sharing of content between the users will for sure become a lot easier and that too with only a few clicks. The Sharing Hub feature for desktop will be available on both the 3-dot Menu and Omnibox (URL bar). According to Chromium team, the feature is at the testing phase at the moment and is available to use on Google Chrome’s Canary build until Google adds the feature’s code to the browser, which is expected to be soon.

In order to make sure that you are able to make use of this feature as soon as it becomes available for everyone, you have to make sure that you have enabled the feature’s flags in your browser. If the flags for this feature are turned on, then the user will be able to use this feature as soon as it gets released to everyone. This development was firsts reported by TechDows, the site also explains how to turn the feature on.

First and foremost, you have to make sure that you have Chrome Canary installed on your desktop, then follow the these mentioned steps to turn on the Sharing Hub’s feature on your browser. Open a new tab in Chrome Canary and the type "chrome://flags" in the Omnibox and click on Enter. Search for the key word "Sharing Hub" in the search bar and then you will be able to see two flags right on your screen. By clicking onto the dropdown menu next to the Desktop Sharing Hub in App Menu, select Enabled, now select Enabled in the dropdown menu for Desktop Sharing Hub in Omnibox as well, and lastly, click on Relaunch at the bottom of your browser.

You will not be able to see the feature in action at first because as mentioned the code for this feature hasn’t been added to the browser yet but once that is done then the feature will automatically appear on your browsers, and you'll be able to share web pages natively from Chrome without the need of any third party web-based sharing extensions and tools.

The addition of social media sharing buttons by Chrome on desktop devices is a great need of the time as most people are shifting a decent amount of working hours on PC devices.

Looking from the website developers and content creators perspective this new sharing hub feature will ease the job for a lot of website owners and ecommerce platforms as they would be able to rely more on Google Chrome's built-in sharing options to get extra exposure for their web pages instead of building their own sharing buttons or using third-party services. The sharing hub will ultimately help websites to load a bit more faster, as removing a few lines of extra code from a website will help developers to improve their website's speed time.
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