Instagram Is Adding The Ability To Check Post Insights Via Desktop Web

Instagram has apparently rolling out a new feature, allowing users to check their individual post Insights from the web/desktop version of the platform.

Insights, for those individuals unaware, are facts and figures that the Instagram application generates for individual posts. They are a way for influencers, creators and brands to check up on how well their content is doing within the online space. Insights data includes information such as the reach of a post, the number of individuals that interacted with it, how much that reach would increase upon sponsoring a post, etc.

Instagram is a mobile-based experience, perhaps more so than any other application except for Snapchat. While its parent company, Facebook, is more fondly remembered for the desktop experience it offered, Instagram's desktop version feels like an afterthought more than anything else. The picture-sharing social media platform is designed for people to quickly take pictures, document outings withe friends and loved ones, and immediately share them to their Stories, their Feed, or just with other people. Especially with mobile cameras becoming better and more nuanced, users need no longer rely on their desktop for editing either. It can all be quickly arranged within a few taps of the finger.

This author mentioned before that Instagram's desktop version feels almost like an afterthought. After spending 10-15 minutes on it, they are sure that others will also agree. First of all, pictures cannot be uploaded to Instagram via desktops. The layout itself feels very bare bones, when compared to Instagram proper. And only recently has the ability to properly and conveniently cycle through Stories been introduced to the feature. Clearly, Instagram does care about its desktop version (thus the updates), but the developers also seemingly liken it to supplementary material more than anything else.

This recent update was also admittedly a very quiet one, reported by social media journalist and whiz Matt Navarra (and @SMTSsocial). As of yet, it also seems like the feature may be under testing phase, and isn't available across all regions. At any rate, the ability to check post Insights via a user's desktop is perhaps one of the best conveniences added to the interface. Instagram desktop's supplementary nature meant that no one would ever actively rely on it for posting. However, brands and marketing techies, people who regularly use laptops and PCs, now have an easy and convenient way to access a post's Insights.

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