Google Chrome removed the flag option that can disable the tab group update and made it a permanent feature and the users are not happy with this step

Google Chrome is currently one of the most used web browser. It was launched in 2008 by Google and in a few years of time span, it gained popularity. Starting off with just a Microsoft Windows only browser to reaching iOS, Android, Linux and macOS as well.

Chrome is famous for bringing in new updates from time to time. While the developers always want the best for their users and while launching any new update they hope that everyone will like it. However, it is not always like this. Sometimes they face a backlash and have to revert to the older version. Recently the developers had to face the same situation.

Earlier this year, a new feature was released by the developers named as the tab group. Initially the feature was released with an option to remove this new update and work with the previous version. But now the option that can turn off the new feature is no longer available and the tab group feature is a permanent one.

This step has triggered a lot of users so much that they even started to release a bug report to the Chromium repository. They are calling out the Chrome developers for removing the option completely instead of asking them to permanently disable the new feature. These users are demanding to reintroduce the feature disabling option.

Finding the exact figure of users who detest their tab groups is not an easy thing to do, however in the last 14 days, almost 900 users starred the bug report in Chromium repository. While a number of users were starring the bug report, some of them even commented the problem they face while working with the tab groups and some of them suggested other browsers or installing the older version of Google Chrome with the help of APK files.

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