According to Sensor Tower's report, the top hundred smartphone games represent the 64.4% of all spending of players in America for the year 2020

A report from Sensor Tower highlights that approximately 64.4% of all player spending in 2020 was contributed to the top 100 mobile games in the USA.

Sensor Tower's Store Intelligence feature is a cutting edge piece of technology that offers information on applications that developers can rely on to gauge performance and public reception. The "information census" firm also publishes reports every now and then on the larger impact of applications on the market place. This particular report focuses the lens on gaming applications, and the impact on their revenue generation in 2020.

For the analysis, Sensor Tower studies data from both the US and the global mobile gaming app market, drawing from data throughout 2017 to 2020. The data gathered was from the top 1000 gaming titles across the world, and their growth in terms of both capital and downloads. The games were then divided into tiers of 100 for data mapping, such as top 100, 101-200, and so on. This led to some interesting revelations. While the top 100 games draw in over half of all revenue, that stream has slowed down over the years. There's been a total of 4.6% decrease in total revenue shares from 2017 to 2020. However, while the overall shares may have decreased, spending in the top 100 tier has increased by a whopping 35%, clearly demonstrating that growth is still ongoing.

However, the real growth is within the lower tiers. Top 501-600 titles have seen the most economic growth, generating an an approximate 56% increase in revenue. This is closely followed by the top 401-500 category, at an impressive 55% growth across 2017 to 2020. This is nothing but good news for mobile gaming as a whole. The genre has often been invalidated in the wider gaming circle as games released would either be incredibly simplistic, or lack the animation and depth larger console and PC titles could offer. Games such as Genshin Impact have definitely began to change such a narrative. The growth of middle to low tier titles means that people have started to explore the mobile app space more, leading to massive expansion of the genre as a whole. Mobile apps may not necessarily be the future of gaming, but they definitely claim the right to a seat at the table now.
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