How Long Until the Worldwide 5G Subscription Count Crosses One Billion?

The 4G technology is the reason why most internet users are able to enjoy high-speed connections that allow them to watch high-quality videos and download apps and music on the fly. However, the thing about technology is that it keeps on evolving and no matter how revolutionary 4G has been, it’s time to take things up a notch. And in this case, the upgrade i.e. 5G has already arrived.

It is being predicted that 5G will finally begin to make its mark this year. It’s worth mentioning that numerous smartphone brands including Samsung already rolled out their first 5G handsets back in 2019.

As for Apple, the tech giant took its sweet time to embrace the next-gen wireless system and incorporated it into its full iPhone 12 product line (launched in the fall of 2020). And the result was that Apple ended up selling more smartphones in the last three months of 2020 than any other brand had sold in one quarter.

So, to say that the 5G technology benefited big time from Apple’s endorsement would be an understatement.

As per Ericsson’s most recent Mobility Report, the 5G smartphone subscription count will cross the 500 million mark by the end of 2021. And next year, this number should easily hit one billion. If that really happens, 5G would achieve one billion subscribers two years earlier than 4G did after it was rolled out.

H/T: Statista.
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