Apple's Products Have Been Brought To Attention For Interrupting The Functionality Of Medical Devices

Apple has published an entire list of its products that may cause interference with the use of pacemakers.

Recently, news has been circulating about the iPhone 12 and it's ability to interfere with the operation of pacemakers. For those unaware, pacemakers are surgically installed devices that help a heart maintain its rhythm. Their use is often extended to victims of potential heart failure and arrhythmias. With such a sensitive piece of equipment literally running one's life, it's no surprise that people had a panicky reaction to the iPhone 12. The American Heart Association published a study, revealing that the Apple device adversely affects and interrupts with pacemakers. Since then, there's been a lot of online discourse surrounding other devices by the tech giant.

As it is happens, Apple has taken active responsibility for it's devices, clarifying why such interference occurs. Due to many products of the tech company relying on magnets for their success, said devices were also listed as a health hazard. Very recently, Apple even published an entire webpage dedicated to listing all devices that can potentially interfere with pacemaker functionality. Here's a hint: all of them involve magnets in some form of the other.

Magnets are considered to be what damages normal pacemakers in the first place. The presence of magnetic fields, which can interrupt the functionality of otherwise normal devices, has become the new test of quality control. The Apple devices currently considered harmful enough to warrant such an extreme reaction against often, to some extent or the other, comprise of magnets. Whether it be in the lids of AirPods charging banks, or at the back of Apple Watches, there's quite an extensive list to attend to. Some major entries include iPads, AirPods, iPhone 12 and MagSafe accessories, etc. Perhaps it's be right about time to call your doctor for further advice now. Medical advice in relation to pacemakers and their usage is incredibly important, in order to actively promote a healthy outcome for patients.

Cardiac afflictions are some of the most common diseases in the world. As it so happens, Apple devices happen to also be some of the most commonly used in the word. With such a huge overlap, the least we can do is be more careful with our health, and consider alternatives.

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