Data suggest that the social media use amongst all generations skyrocketed during the pandemic

Apart from the economic impacts, the global pandemic in the past few months also brought with itself a lot of changes in the personal lives of people. During the lockdown people were trapped indoors most of the time, this made a lot of people really anxious and sad since they missed out on almost everything they used to do outdoor, however it also made them change their schedule and the activities they did. People changed their activities and started doing fun things while staying indoors.

Apart from the other activities, one thing that certainly did increase during the lockdown was the usage of social media, we all saw how the lockdown brought people that used social media inactively suddenly jump onto it and start sharing things out of boredom. The increase in the use of social media was noticed in almost all ages.

Survey of around 1000 people on this particular topic by SortList, revealed interesting results, the survey showed that usage of social media amongst millennials and GenZ increased around 78% while in baby boomers an increase of 25% was noticed. Apart from that the survey revealed that the consumption of video content particularly increased during the pandemic, millennials and GenZ revealed that they preferred video content applications like YouTube, while baby boomers preferred using Facebook.

When talking about the usage of social media around 32% of the people wanted to decrease it while the rest continued to use social media for long hours, the report also reveals that older people used social media much lesser than the younger generation, this certainly shows the dependence of the new generation towards technology and social media.

People belonging to all age groups agreed that social media was one tool that helped them feel closer and connected to the people they love. The lockdown was surely harsh towards the business sector giving all businesses a hard time however, social and ecommerce giants like Facebook and Amazon surely grew during the lockdown all these companies recorded a boom in their revenue and usage.
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