Have you ever wonder who is getting the best experience of 5G? You may be amazed to see the results of this report

A lot of countries are still working on its 5G trial, but ever wonder how the users of several developing countries are getting the experience of 5G compared to those countries which have already been in the race of 5G for some time? In the month of April 2021, a report by OpenSignal, "Benchmarking the Global 5G experience" was made which recognized the Global top 10 performers while getting the experience of 5G. Countries names Taiwan, South Korea, UAE, Japan, Australia, and Saudi Arabia are including, however, the name Singapore has not been involved in much of this analysis. Opensignal has provided nifty insights on 5G experience in some infographics.

It has reveled in the analysis of the real-world 5G measurement that the some leading cities have better 5G experience while other, not so much. The users in the city of Jeonju, South Korea are getting the fastest average 5G downloading speed of any city of South Korea and even any city that is part of this analysis. Jeonju has the highest downloading speed of (415.6Mbps) which is 15% faster than the national result of this country. The Hsinchu City of Taiwan has the highest uploading speed of (41Mbps). Riyadh, Tokyo, and Dublin are three capital cities included in the list having the downloading speed of (317.3Mbps), (277.5Mbps), and (194Mbps). There are also some cities which have been the business hub like Dubai having (285.4Mbps) downloading speed with an uploading speed of (25.5Mbps), while Zurich having downloading speed of (245.1Mbps) and uploading speed of (48.3Mbps), and Barcelona having downloading speed of (188.8Mbps) with uploading speed of (24.3Mbps). If we talk about the analysis nationally, this 5G experience even gets robust.

Japan is getting the strong position on the global ranking, as it is placing in both 5G downloading speed of (231.5 Mbps) and peak downloading speed of (856.5Mbps), and Finland is the top country in Europe having the downloading speed of (219.5Mbps), Netherland is top in having the highest upload speed in Europe with (34.7Mbps). Greece, Spain, and Switzerland are also having good 5G peak downloading speeds of (797.8Mbps), (623.4Mbps), and (592.7Mbps). The top ten positions having 5G gaming experience are divided between 5 countries of the Europe and four countries from Asia pacific. 6 countries of Europe are in the top 10 positions of Gaming experience and Voice experience. However, the countries of Asia are having a strong position in downloading speed, peak downloading speed, and in the Video experience.

Netherland is at the top in 5G video experience with the speed of (84Mbps), South Korea is at the top in 5G games experience having speed of (90.8Mbps) and it is also on the top in voice experience as well with a speed of (85.1Mbps) the advantage of using the 5G is obvious with we compare it with old 4G or LTE. Many users in Thailand and the Philippines are enjoying the experience of 5G. South Korea, the Philippines, and Taiwan are at the top for uplift with upgrading of 5.8 times, 8.6 times, and 6.1 times, these results show that these markets are taking the great benefits of 5G. with the passage of time, more users are connecting to 5G, therefore, Opensignal also analyzed 5G availability, and time attached to an active 5G signal, 7 countries score more than 20% including Kuwait, Hong Kong. South Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, USA, and Thailand, and if we look at the location where the users see 5G, 4 countries have scored 5 or more on a ten point scale, up from three quarter earlier.

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