WhatsApp is Changing the Online and Last Seen for Businesses on Android and Is Introducing Waveforms While Recording Voice Notes in its New Update

WhatsApp is one of the top messaging applications in the social media world and though the platform did receive a handful of criticism at the beginning of this year, it very quickly cleared out all the misunderstandings and acquired its place back on top.

However, to maintain its top position WhatsApp has to work really hard and the platform introduces new features every now and then to keep its users glued.

Recently, WhatsApp has brought about two new changes in its application.

The tech giant, as per WABI, in its update of version has now officially removed the online or last seen statuses for WhatsApp Business.

Prior to this update, WhatsApp Business accounts could show the last seen or the online status of the Business app users, however this is not the case now and people will not be able to view the business accounts online or last seen status if the said account is on the current version.

However, this new update is only applicable to the Business accounts working on the Android phones and will not work if the account user is using WhatsApp on either the Web version or an Apple/iOS device. The change though will be brought on these two as well if WhatsApp makes the feature official and launches it further.

Another feature that the tech giant will be introducing is the emergence of waveforms while recording the voice chat.

While WhatsApp only lets user record a voice note in which currently only the time limit of the voice recording and a sleek line in front of it is shown when recording, this may be changing now.

WhatsApp is hopefully launching a new way for recording voice notes which instead of the sleek straight line will now show the waveforms of the recording. The cool part about these waveforms will be that they will not be sent immediately on release, and that users will be able to listen to the recordings before they send it in chat.

This feature however is a part of testing and has not been released as of yet and may take a few weeks before it is launched. WhatsApp though has always come up with the best features and has always lived up to its users expectations and we cannot wait to see what reactions does these two feature show among the public.

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