Apple brings changes in the App Store Guidelines, but will they be able to prevent all the fraud activities and scams through these updated policies?

Apple has always been very serious about the rules it implements and everyone abiding to it and it has always been clear about its rules in the guideline of every feature it has.

The tech giant as a part of few changes it introduced recently also introduced a few changes in the App Review Guidelines, which basically contains a set of rules that all app developers present on the platform must abide too. Though there have been many changes that have been made, the most prominent rules have been set against fraudulent actors and scammers on the platform. Another big step has been introduced through a feature which will allow other developers to report bad scammers they notice on the platform immediately.

These prominent changes were made under the section 5.6, and 5.6.1 to 5.6.4.

These sections prominently highlight the fact any developer who repeatedly violates the code of conduct and goes against the rules that the tech giant has set will immediately be removed from the App Store. Though this rule has been set for a long time, it has been made prominent in easy language with a spate paragraph to it in the third point.

This warning is however, followed by a detailed explanation on what steps should the developer take for restoration of their app. The removed application developer will have to present Apple with a written statement in which they will have to explain about the changes they have made for improvement and once Apple has tested and approved those, only then they will be able to be restored on the App Store. Apple said this was to ensure that when an app is caught by Apple they do not turn to their bad ways after restoration.

The section 5.6.2 highlights the importance of providing the correct contact information of the developer to Apple as well as the users and to also ensure that the said application developer is not fraud who might impersonate some other platform. This stance was taken seriously after a major fraud happened through one cryptocurrency application present on App Store which deprived a user of 600,000 dollars in Bitcoin, which clearly is a large amount and could have been his life savings. The victim fell for the application because it was being run by a similar name of a crypto app from another country and also showed five star ratings which also turned out be fraud.

In the section of 5.6.3, the company wants users and developers to call out any kind of manipulation they observe whether it is related to apps, reviews, charts etc. The company believes that this will decrease the scam on the application as prior reporting will bring the fraud application in front of users.

The section 5.6.4 addressed issues that may occur after the publication of an app on the App Store, like negative reviews from customers, or refund rates frauds etc. The tech giant if notices any such behavior will do strict regulations.

Though Apple has been called out on a number of frauds on its App Store a lot of times, they never really accepted it upfront. However, the new changes on the App Store Guidelines shows that Apple knows and accepts these fraud activities that have happened in the past and is working towards making their App Store a more secured place. But the question is will they be able to stop all such activities on their platform? The company has 500 workers who ensure and moderate apps in 81 languages so we do think that they might succeed with the new changes in guidelines and their strong team.

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