Apple’s iPad and iPhone users must be on high alert now as major fleeceware scam apps in the VPN category have been detected on the App Store

Apple has always had the go big or go home type of scenario for each of its things, no matter how small they are. The company released its financial results for the first quarter of 2021 and the tech giant is seemingly doing even better than it did last year with its earnings. The launch of the iPhone 12 was a big hit for the company, and even with them postponing the supply of iPads all across the stores due to a global chip shortage. It didn’t seem to affect the company’s business as with only the sales of iPhone 12, the tech giant was able to earn even more in the first quarter of 2021 than it did in the first quarter of 2020.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has always held himself high in regards of being true to their customers and that whatever the company does; it always puts its customers first. By the looks of it, that is about to change. It has been reported that new warning has been issued to all iPhone and iPad owners. The founder FlickType, Kosta Eleftheriou informed in a bunch of tweets something which was not at all expected from Apple. Eleftheriou revealed that there have been major fleeceware scams in the App Store which have affected hundreds and thousands of iPhone and iPad user, and not just this, but even Apple itself has earned a lot through these fleeceware scams! Fleeceware is a mobile app scam that stays hidden in excessive subscription fees. The app takes advantage of the users who don’t know how to cancel a subscription by charging them even long after they have uninstalled the app.

Kosta Eleftheriou says that the scams are not just a few in number but are rather in huge proportions! And they have been in the App Store for over a year now and have been downloaded by the millions of people all across the United States. Eleftheriou said that if the users have any of the four apps installed, the four apps being, VPN Plus - VPN Service, Fast VPN & Wi-Fi Proxy, VPN Valley- Security Protect and VPN Guard & Wi-Fi Proxy, then they should uninstall them immediately because these apps are not safe for your privacy and security, and these apps are not random apps but are one of the highest grossing apps in the app store.

Eleftheriou warns every iPad and iPhone user out there to be extra alert because Apply may be recording these profits and has greatly failed to protect its customers from such vicious crimes. Eleftheriou has informed about all of this after Apple’s head of Fraud Engineering Algorithms and Risk unit’s comments were revealed in court documents during the Apple and Epic Games lawsuit.

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