90 percent of all Apple’s iPhones that were launched during the last 4 years are having iOS 14 which shows the fast adoption progress of the latest version of iOS

Apple launches the new update of its iOS system on all of its devices almost once in a year, every new update brings exciting features, and options for its users and bug fixtures, and gives quality experience to users. iOS 14 was rolled out during 16 September that gave some quality interface and features, such as a revamped widget, an exciting option to automatically organize different apps with the App collection, and a compact style for call logs and Siri feature. After that company launched the successive updates of iOS 14 to fix some bugs and other issues. The latest report has shown the fast progress report of Apple iOS 14 updates that almost 90 percent of Apple’s smartphones that were introduced during the last 4 years are running on iOS 14 update.

Apple has also published its data and said that people are moving fast to get the latest version of the update to get the high-quality experience and some exciting features like users can now open their smartphone with Apple’s watch even they are wearing a mask. The company further said that almost 8% of the smartphones are running on the update of iOS 13, while there are only 2% of smartphones that has the prior version of the operating system. If we examine data of whole numbers of iPhones, the percentage comes up to 85% that are running on iOS 14 which is still a satisfying number if we make a comparison with Android smartphones, as data from AppBrain shows that hardly 12 percent of Android users are running the latest Android 11 version, while majority of users are still sitting on Android 10 (35 percent) or older versions. The number of whole iPhone base also shown the data that about 7% of Apple’s mobile are having the old version of iOS.

Screenshot courtesy of AppBrain, taken on June, 09, 2021.

Apple is also planning to launch the preview of the upcoming update iOS 15 during the worldwide developers’ conference recent week. Apple Company is planning to roll the beta version of its operating system to let users and other developers experience it before. Apple is planning to bring the latest ways to stay connected and some of the exciting features that will help users to discover and much more with gadget intelligence. It is anticipated that the 15 version of iOS will bring some major advancements like the notifications system hustled with the iOS, some of the key features will be displayed during the worldwide developers’ conferences and the rest of the features will be added later. It is expected that iOS 15 will be rolled out fall of this year.

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