Apple’s App Store May Not Be Safe Despite the Company Taking All Efforts to Ensure Safety

Apple is the best mobile phone developers out there and the tech giant has its own app store service (just like Google) that we know as App Store, which we are sure many of you are aware of.

However, the tech giant is taking steps these days to ensure that not only their products but their App Store services also remains a safe space for users.

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook said that they plan a very strict distribution of Apps on their Store so that it does not become a fish store of Apps which are overcrowding each other. The tech giant has also now started its new privacy maintenance method which is called the App Tracking Transparency feature which asks all the application on their platform to give a detail information on what data they will be collecting from the users once the app is installed on their phones and gives it up to the users to select whether they will allow the app to track such data from them.

Though this is a great effort on Apple’s part this may not be enough, because researchers at WP recently concluded that Apple’s most grossing applications contain around 2 percent scams each data and though this fairly seems to be a small number, any mishap with this can lead to a loss of 48 million dollars. Apart from this the experts even mentioned that all 1.8 million applications that currently exist on Apple’s App Store contain a tiny bit of scam or fraud with it as well

Apple users who are on VPN services even mentioned that some application on their iOS claimed that their devices were infected by a malware and in order to get rid of it advised users to install the app services which users had to pay for. In the end it was found that such pop up was indeed nothing but scams.

So though Apple has taken some best steps to ensure privacy and protection they do not seem enough. So what should they do?

Though Apple is taking measures itself, it is also up to the users to protect themselves from such scams and fraudulent activities and to do so, We Live Security Service advised some pointers which users could follow.

These included to check the installers review before getting the application, check the number of downloads it has and also check the publishing date of the app. These were a few security measures to be taken among many others.

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