iOS Flaw Allows App Developers to Coerce iPhone Users into Giving a Five Star Review

The review system that has been put in place on the App Store helps allow users to figure out which apps are truly going to end up serving them well, but with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that there are a number of ways in which app developers can end up manipulating the system. While many of these forms of rating manipulation are the result of underhanded tactics from malicious actors, a flaw has recently been uncovered which potentially allowed app developers to try to force users to give them a five star rating.

This flaw was uncovered by Kosta Eleftheriou, a researcher that has managed to gain a reputation for shedding light on scams that might be plaguing iOS users. This flaw essentially allows an app developer to prevent users from continuing to use their app until they give the app a five star review on the App Store. Basically, the app developer can make the “Not Now” button that is shown when apps prompt users to rate them not do anything at all, so users would have no choice but to give the good rating to make the prompt go away.

This is a very manipulative way of getting a high rating that really would not reflect the true quality of the app in question. Hence, Apple should think about taking strong action against developers that tried to use this tactic, and ideally fix the flaw that enabled said developers to use such tactics in the first place. The maintenance of a top notch experience for users is of paramount importance, and ensuring that they don’t have to deal with low quality apps that might try to scam them is a key component of this type of thing.

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