WhatsApp Takes Back Its Statement of Banning Accounts Who Do Not Accept the New Policy Before May 15th

WhatsApp in the early days of January 2021 sent out a pop up notification to all its users in which they enlightened them about their new changing policies.

One of the statement read that WhatsApp will now be sharing its user data with its main application, Facebook and that WhatsApp headquarters will have access to your data and a lot of people condemned against this claiming that this was a breach in privacy. As a result, many users fled to other messaging applications like Signal or Telegram.

WhatsApp was initially supposed to launch this policy on February 8th but due to the backlash it received it extended it to May 15th and also cleared it to the public that since WhatsApp is end to end encrypted it cannot read or see any of your data. Later along with the new policy launch date the company also claimed that users who will not accept the terms and conditions will be deprived of their accounts. This means that users who do not accept the WhatsApp policy before May 15th their accounts would be deactivated temporarily and to reactivate and gain access back to their accounts users will have to accept the policy.

This again made users unsure about the reliability of the applications they had been trusting for so long and many opted for Signal and Telegram.

However, now WhatsApp has another update. The company recently clarified that it will not be deactivating the accounts of those who do not accept the terms and conditions and while a lot of users have now accepted the policy it will just keep on sending alert reminders to those who have not.

The company also said that while users will not lose access to their accounts if they do not agree to the new terms and conditions but they definitely are going to experience the loss of some core features of the application like not being able to access your chat list, and eventually stop getting message notifications.

The new policy has been introduced to lay down a more amazing ground for better communication with businesses and other Facebook apps and while the company has said that users’ who do not accept the new policy will experience some losses and changes the company didn’t mention after how many weeks it will start restricting your features at this moment.

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