Along with upgrading its privacy policies in 2021, Whatsapp will also inform you about its coming updates within the app

I am pretty sure that all of us are aware of what Whatsapp is. For those who don’t know about its functions; it is a text and audio messaging app by Facebook. You can also share documents, live locations, videos, photographs, and even join a video call on the app. It became available on 3rd May 2009 to all Android and iOS users.

Whatsapp is among the most used apps for sending and receiving messages with 200 million active users and 50 staff members. To maintain the number of users, Whatsapp keeps bringing updates and new features to the app.

The company is reporterdly working on reviewing its privacy policies for 2021 and will announce the updates within the app. WABetaInfo is a website that tries to know what updates and new features have been added to Whatsapp. According to that website, in 2021, the announcement made by the platform will not be received through Whatsapp text messages, rather it will be available in the banner located in the app. You will be redirected to the website for further information about the update after you tap on the banner. The updates might require users to take specific actions and those who will disagree with the rolling-out features and updates might have to delete their account by searching for the deleting option in WhatsApp settings - says the Company.

The report also included a screenshot of the in-app announcement of the app’s updated privacy and policy terms. The announcement will become available to Whatsapp users on 8th February 2021. The new update will let you know how Whatsapp processes its users’ data. Furthermore, it will assist business owners to use it to get advantages of Facebook-hosted services for business purposes. The business owners in the future will be able to manage their chats with customers in a more easy way. The users will receive a message from Whatsapp if their chats are being managed and saved by Facebook.

Users will only have two choices for the upcoming updates; either to accept or to delete their accounts.

To let you know: Whtsapp has also recently introduced a wide range of new updates such as, custom chat wallpapers, new wallpapers for both; normal and dark mode users, the addition of always a mute option, disappearing messages, Whatsapp pay, and also more doodle wallpapers.

‘Whatsapp pay’; among all these features is the one recently introduced in India. Users and business owners are hoping for this rolling-out feature to prove itself to be a handy update for them.

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