Over 40 dozen experts are involved in reviewing process for the Apple App Store and less then 1 percent of the rejected apps go for an appeal

As the Apple vs Epic Games case proceeds forward in court, new details have been coming out related to internal discussions for each company about their business models and much more. Similarly with the recent testimony of one of the heads of App Store, Trystan Kosmynka revealed some more information about the review process.

A new document has been filed with the ongoing trial. In this document, Kosmynka gave some details that App Store receives almost 5 million apps per year and the rejection rate for the apps is less than 40%. In 2019, a total of 4808685 apps were submitted for the review process on App Store and 1747278 Apps (35% of them) got rejected. Kosmynka further explained that out of 35% of these rejected apps, 215000 breached the privacy guidelines for Apple in some way.

Each app that is submitted first goes through a static and dynamic analysis to determine if the app is violating any App Store rules or uses a private APIs. Another step is involved in this process to see if the following app is similar to any other app available on App Store to avoid any kind of scams or copycats. The next step is the human review process where almost 500 people are involved in reviewing almost 100000 apps every week. These workers are accessible to multiple devices so they can test the apps.

Whenever an app is rejected, Apple notifies the app developer and informs them about the reasons due to which the app could not get approved for the App Store. After this, the developer can resubmit the app once again by addressing the errors that were pointed out by the Company or the developers can contact Apple for an appeal over rejection. However, as revealed by Kosmynka that only less than 1% of these developers opt for an appeal over rejection.

Apple has been criticized widely over how it handles the third party applications on its iOS, as the company is being accused for using the power it holds with App Store for its own advantage to hurt potential competitors. Meanwhile Apple claims that it is more concerned about the security and privacy. One of the arguments presented by Epic Games is that the tech giant has failed to review every app that is submitted on its App Store since the scam apps are also available there.

Emails that were made public at the time of testimony of Matt Fischer, the VP of App Store, revealed that Apple provides access to some special APIs of major developers and companies such as Hulu. Simultaneously Epic Games is having a hard time proving in court that the in app purchase system for App Store is a misuse of its dominant power.

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