TikTok Is Adding Two New Tools In Order To Establish Better Communication With Third Party Apps

TikTok is expanding upon its compatibility with third party applications with a series of tools that enable users to share content back and forth between the two communicating apps.

The video-sharing platform’s popularity made such a move an inevitability. TikTok is an app that caters to almost every generation imaginable, with both youngsters as well as older individuals congregating to make and/or view the sort of content that they love. It’s the place for self-expression, and naturally, people would want to share that with other platforms. In that very spirit, TikTok’s latest tools allow for solid third party support, facilitating a proper and official back and forth between applications, to the benefit of users on both sides.

The two tools that TikTok has currently announced are labelled the TikTok Login Kit and Sound Kit respectively. Their functionality is rather simple in concept, if different in execution. Let’s take a closer look, shall we? The Login Kit essentially allows users to log into other third party applications by using their TikTok domain. Examples of this can easily be seen, with the likes of Google and Blogspot for example. An application that is compatible with TikTok is the dating platform, Snack. Now, having logged onto Snack with one’s TikTok handle, users can not only access Snack, but they can also import videos and clips onto the latter to build a profile. The dating app example serves perfectly here, as short videos are often used on such sites to give users an example of what a person’s like. Determining compatibility using TikTok, who would’ve thought? Other examples include Allstar, Breathwrk, IRL, and MeetMe, and many others to boot.

The other software developing kit (SDK) that we’ll be looking at is the Sound Kit. Again, similar ideology. Users can log onto other applications with their TikTok domain in order to set up communication between the two. However, this time, it’s more of a backwards flow than a forwards one. Here, users can log onto platforms such as Rapchat and LANDR in order to add soundbytes to their TikToks. This is a communication that serves both parties rather well. TikTok can get in a new stream of music and covers that don’t require expensive licensing to play on the platform. On the other end, music producers can promote their art onto a large platform, and maybe even become the next big trend. Heavens knows there’s one every week as it is.

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