TikTok Users Are Most Likely to Make a Purchase Through the App Than Any Other Social Network

TikTok is one of the most popular applications in the social media world. The platform gained popularity as soon as it emerged in the market and now has user rate in over millions. The application apart from just being a short video creating application has been working on several other features and one of them is making shopping and online purchase easier for users.

TikTok launched a feature which allowed creators to tag brands directly in videos from which a certain product or clothes in the video was bought, tapping on which will take users directly on the link from which that same thing could be bought. It now looks like that feature has proven to be in favor of the platform.

Adweek-Morning Consult conducted a survey for TikTok which concluded that almost half of the users on TikTok had made a purchase directly from the application. Among the 49 percent that voted on having made a purchase, the survey showed that 15 percent of them were adults and 36 percent were of Gen Z, Half of millennials said they purchased a brand from the video platform and 53% of Gen Z said the same and this good news for the platform because with the usage of this feature more advertisers will be interested in marketing on TikTok.

While Gen Z and Millennials were present on TikTok in a large scale what emerges is that each generation has a favorite platform in terms of making purchases on social media.

Almost 60 percent of Millennials preferred Facebook as the application to purchase products. While Millennials were also present on TikTok, the survey showed that total of 41% of adults said they made a purchase of a product after seeing it on Facebook which is still considerably more than TikTok. That is because TikTok has a population of just 30 percent adults and 71 percent of the Gen Z.

Meanwhile, Instagram is more popular with Gen Z (88%) and millennials (71%). However, only 23 percent of the Gen Xers said in the survey that they bought something after seeing it on Instagram.

However, the baby boomers did not trust online advertisements and 27 percent of them said that they are least likely to purchase anything off social media or online.

In the end it was concluded that TikTok users were overall more likely to purchase brands after seeing their ads on any major social network.

From the survey it has been estimated that different age group have different sites of interest for their buy. What is the platform advertisement through which you are motivated to make a purchase?

Photo Illustration by Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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