Apple and Microsoft’s rivalry had cooled down earlier, but it is getting heated up again during the Epic Games trial

It was considered before that the rivalry between two tech giants Apple and Microsoft had cooled down but now during the trial of Epic Games, the tensions are getting emerged again. These two tech giant companies are ready to make a competition in the whole thing from Cloud computing to mixed reality. Apple and Microsoft found the reasons for collaborating with each other from the past few years that the Microsoft Office and other apps of the company were coming to iPad and iPhone, and Apple Company even invited Redmond executive to the product launching ceremony of Apple.

Apple has made it convenient for the users to operate the game controller of Xbox on iOS devices, however, Microsoft made its product fit with such latest features of Apple such as the Apple Pencil and Magic keyboard. Apple is bringing different features for Xbox as the company introduced the Apple TV on Xbox last year. Things were getting changed around the month of November when Apple launched the first Mac with M1 chip, the company hired a PC guy named John Hodgman for the popularity of Macs. Then, Intel, ending Apple’s alliance, in the long run, Intel hired the Mac guy to make its Intel-powered PC popular over Mac and iPad.

According to a report, there was another reason that added fuel to fire was the attempt of Microsoft to unveil its Cloud gaming service for iOS devices called xCloud, and Apple did not allow Microsoft to roll out its product according to plans. One app would allow the users to pay a monthly payment to Microsoft and stream lots of different gaming titles from the Cloud. The service was considered to do for gaming what Netflix did for video, mollify gamers and turn Apple devices into a more influential gaming platform supported by Xbox, one of the newest names in the industry, but Microsoft was unable to introduce this service according to plans as it failed to convince Apple to make the App Store rules lenient forbidding all-in-one gaming services.

After some time of apprehensions over the ban on streaming apps went communal, Apple changed the rules that Microsoft can now roll out Cloud gaming service, but each game can be downloaded individually, as it ruined all the purpose for making an all-in-one solution. Gurman also highlighted other excuses as Microsoft began imploring the US and European antitrust supervisors to investigate Apple’s practices and Mac’s market share mounting while Windows PCs have deteriorated. In the long run, both tech companies are competing on a similar segment as Apple is intending to launch a mixed-reality headset in the next year, which can be a threat to Microsoft’s HoloLens. These two companies are also having strong competition in Talent in Al and Cloud infrastructure. It is hoped that Mac and PC guys will come face to face in the coming days.

H/T: Bloomberg.

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