TikTok is Launching a Shopping Tab On Its Platform Along with A Guardian and Recruitment Guide

TikTok is one of the most popular platforms on social media which allows the young talent to express themselves through short videos. The application immediately caught the eye of the public as soon as it was launched and has since then been on top of the charts. The tech giant knows that it has a huge user base in millions and hence it tries to maintain the application and works day in and out to make sure their application is entertaining as well as secure for the users.

The social media giant has recently announced some new features and guidelines which will be very beneficial for the young users on the platform.

TikTok very recently has published a Guardian Guide as a part of their Safety Centre feature. This guide is a resource which breaks down how the application works and lists down what steps are the best for users to take in order maintain their security and privacy on the application. The guide also describes features like Family Pairing which is a guide for parents and caregivers and informs them ways through which they can manage their children account by setting restrictions on screen time and having access to search and direct messages.

Apart from this, the Safety Center has also given out a handful of more articles that are related to bullying, privacy and security. It has launched Bullying Prevention Guide which is launched by TikTok's US Content Advisory Council in collaboration with Cyberbullying Research Center, Net Family News and other organizations. This guide is a resource which offers ways to prevent harassment on the platform, offers tips on how users can identify bully behavior and how victims can find help in case of being harassed on the platform.

The platform also has added prompts which are designed to discourage rude messages before they go live.

Another tool the platform is testing is known as the recruitment tool. The tool is said to be a way for users to find jobs and positions through the platform and recruiters to find suitable candidates for the positions they offer. According to Axios, the recruitment tool will not be present on the TikTok application itself but will appear on a webpage with a list of job postings which are expected to entry level positions. The resume also has a twist because since this is TikTok, applicants will post video style resumes rather than the same old boring written ones. The application gives users the freedom to add the resume video to your profile as well.

The company understands that it has a large number of content creators on the application who are young and aspiring and it would be a great way for brands to reach the people they're looking to hire. Apart from this there is also a chance that users may lose their jobs when recruiters take a look at their TikTok in case there is some ill-advised post present on the accounts hence it is advised to set up a secondary account for professional purposes, depending on what kind of job you're looking for.

Lastly, as per BB, TikTok is planning on launching another feature that has been inspired by Facebook. The company went on a slightly different kind of shopping spree in 2020, adding commerce functionality like the previously mentioned shopping tab, product information in Reels, and it hasn’t stopped there. Facebook is also testing sticker ads in Stories.

The tech giant, TikTok is introducing an in app shopping spree feature. The application has introduced several features which are related to shopping on their platform like giving creators the ability to sell merchandise through an integration with Teespring, partnering with Shopify, and reportedly working on some kind of live-video infomercial product.

However, this new feature is slightly new. The feature unlike its previous attempts has a separate shopping option under the brands profiles that lists products with images and prices. However, if you are wondering why you cannot see this feature is because the tech giant has said that it is still under testing feature because the feature is currently only accessible in the Europe region. The tech giant in Europe has partnered with several brands, including UK-based streetwear company Hype.

Though the Hype account in many parts of the world does not show this option under their user profile, the company has confirmed that it is indeed participating in the test with the tech giant.

If you think about it shopping and TikTok together does not look like a really bad pair but indeed it can go hand in hand with each other. The bite-sized length and “stickiness” of TikTok videos seem perfectly suited for advertising, while the passive watching that TikTok encourages and makes it easy to consume a lot of content.

The tech giant is currently testing this feature however, if it introduces a shopping accessibility through their application we are sure it will be great. Considering how brands can partnership with creators on the application. Creators will be able to tag clothes and products they use in their videos, tapping on which can lead users directly to the page it sells and it will be easier for viewers to buy one if they want for themselves.

Wherever, TikTok lands with shopping, tests like these seem to show the viral video app is ready to take advantage of its status as a household name and grow — whether it’s shopping or spreading TikTok features across other apps.

The tech giant has always managed to introduce some really great features and has always lived up to the users’ expectations. The features that the company has launched currently seem great and we are sure that they will be offering some new and unique features in the future as well because we are sure they have a lot in their bag for us and we cannot wait to see what they have to offer to us.

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