Data Reveals Most Downloaded Apps Remains the Same as Previous Months with TikTok Still in The Lead

When a feature or app suddenly gets popular in public, other tech giants make it their first priority to introduce a similar working functionality on their platforms as well, and this increases the competition in the market. This has happened a lot of times where tech giants copy another application feature with some twists and introduce it on their applications but the most significant and prominent ones are for TikTok and Clubhouse.

When TikTok took over the world it gained millions of users and became the most downloaded application in the social media world hence Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram all came up with their copycat versions of TikTok and similar thing happened with Clubhouse the new trending audio only application.

However, when other companies introduce new similar features on their application it increases competition in the market and makes it hard for the original developers to maintain its once largely driven popularity. When Facebook and Twitter came up with their own versions of Clubhouse, the application failed to maintain its position in front of them and now Clubhouse is finding it hard to survive on the top charts but TikTok was whole another game.

TikTok despite being in competition of its replica application from Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube has managed to be on the top charts again in April 2021 and is at number one once again according to the report that came from Sensor Towers.

Though the application was banned in India, which is its biggest user market of the time and despite having so many emerging competitors in the country the application has managed to grow tremendously as more and more users keep coming to the short video app and it is one its way to become the next billion-user platform at some stage this year.

TikTok came on number one on the report for the most downloaded non-gaming applications worldwide in April 2021 which was presented by Sensor Towers to the public and had more than more than 59 million installs. The countries which showed the most installation rates were Brazil at 13%, followed by Douyin in China at 12 percent.

Clearly though many similar working features have emerged like TikTok and they are doing pretty well too like YouTube recently reported that its TikTok clone 'Shorts' is now facilitating 6.5 billion views per month and all this may possibly affect TikTok ratings and growth but tech giant is doing pretty well particularly in the face of ongoing concerns and controversies.

However, YouTube shorts is becoming fully available for users all through US this well and Snapchat is doing well and has reached 125 million monthly users and TikTok is also growing in this game makes us question that will TikTok still be able to maintain its position in the future as well?

But though short videos being made more readily available everywhere else, TikTok's momentum has held, which is a positive sign for the platform as it works to evolve to the next stage, which includes more business and revenue generation tools for creators.

The Sensor Board Download Charts for April 2021 looks as if the chart remains almost unchanged from last month with TikTok still in lead at number one the only notable addition was the Indian streaming app 'Hotstar' in the Google Play downloads top 10, largely due to cricket coverage while all the remaining apps were the same as the previous month.

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