Snapchat introduces several new features, including business profiles, and AR-enabled Spectacles while hosting its second annual Partner Summit

Snapchat is one of the most used social media platforms in the world with millions of users due to its exciting features. Snapchat is going to introduce a variety of new features in its second annual Partner Summit, which can put a massive influence on a broader range of in-app elements moving forward. The new features include AR-enabled glasses but still, these are not launched yet but show the next progress phase of the company. As the CEO of the company has said that more than 500 million people use this platform every month as its daily active numbers of users are almost 280 million which shows the popularity of Snapchat especially among the younger generation.

If we made a comparison with rivals of Snapchat, Twitter has monthly active users of 330 million, while Pinterest has about 478 million monthly active users. The value of Snapchat seeing the possibility of Snap’s reach and audience, and the increasing impact the app now has within these user supports. The most valuable feature in the new launch of Snapchat is AR-activated glasses because Apple and Facebook are also working on a similar product, and the CEO of Apple has said that the AR glasses will have a huge impact on the future of a company, so this can be a perfect time for Snapchat to introduce AR glasses in the market to give a tough competition to its rivals.

Snapchat will introduce a full AR cover, inside the glasses not just linked to the camera device, and according to a report, Snapchat is being in the development of this product a few times, and the users can preview the upcoming product. However, the development has not finished yet, as you can have a look from the demo that there still some restriction on the cover and this is not the most remarkable graphic companion it will ultimately become at this phase. Snapchat has not made these AR spectacles available to its users yet. The companion of Snapchat with a series of AR creators “to re-experience the way we interact, live and travel the world via AR experience in-built Lens studio”. But the coming stage and it will be exciting to see how Snap wants to stay in touch and adapt its instruments according to the further advancement of AR technology.

Snapchat has also made a huge announcement for brands that they can now create their profile on this platform which can increase their engagement among the users. Through public profiles of brands, they can genuinely connect themselves with their customers by showing valuable and engaging content, showcasing presently Lens AR experience, and distributing marketable goods right on the platform, while providing insight into the brand. The users of Snapchat can also subscribe to the profile of the business in order to stay connected to the updated content, upcoming products, and much more.

Snapchat introduces the future business profile in beta in the month of July last year, but not as inclusive as some other brands profile selections, it does offer a more integrated space for business on the platform, which can help in publicizing the business or brand engagement, and it can help in providing direct trading features. The brands and businesses can also access the mobile phone devices and web management instruments by the Business manager, while the new profile of the brand will also expand discoverability. Once the brand finishes its profile setup, the audience can easily discover the brand through the search bar. Snapchat also provides some valuable notes to the new brands while setting their profiles. For the design and the usage of this app, Snapchat also wants to put more efforts into its ‘Scan’ with the Snap camera, to enhance view the multiple ways in which the scanning instruments now work. It is hoped that by outlining these instruments, they can encourage the nature of ordinary discoveries, and ultimately, Snap will offer more chances to show products based on scanned stuff, along with info and guidelines.

Snapchat is making a huge investment in AR try tools and the future phase of AR revolution for shopping with new AR trial practice, such as the ability to choose an item that the user wants to search and can try virtually and the latest option for tap gesture recognition, which can enable users to give a mark to Snapchat, if they want to try another item or another color. The creation of financial creators is also a key principle point; the challenge for the internet’s top star increases, and Snapchat is introducing new encouragement offers to offer a more supportable ecosystem for creators in the future.

The massive attraction of Spotlight is that Snapchat also gives about $1 million every single day to the top content creators, who have already seen the Snapchat disbursement of over $90 million. Snapchat has said that over 5,400 content creators have earned about $130 million dollars and that a huge amount for their motivation. Snapchat is planning to bring the revenue stream for the top creators and one latest part in this method will be gifts that can be sent through stories. This option is similar to Facebook’s star and YouTube’s super stickers which also help the creator financially when users donate them.

The Snap map may also develop specific new actions, with a new layer presentation option that will outline regional content and info at the top of the map. Snapchat is working with collaborators named Ticketmaster and The Infatuation in the beginning stage of the project, which will give extra connectivity options to the map presentation. These options will help users in finding the nearby concerts, and from where they can get the entry tickets, and the top restaurants around.

Some other instruments have also been launched such as camera and stickers tools to assist new options for makers.

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