Which Apps Are Responsible for Making You Fed Up of Your Phone Always Running Out of Battery?

If you run out of battery when you are out and do not have the accessibility of a charger, you blame yourself for not charging it enough or not keeping the charging cord along with you. However, have you ever given a thought that there maybe certain applications which maybe draining your phone’s energy, even when you are not using them because let’s be honest how many times has it happened that you charged your phone, kept it aside and when you came back after a few hours busy with the work at home or somewhere you see your battery drop by a few percent.

To look through this problem a phone storage application company called pCloud analyzed app permissions to check which of your applications drain the most battery despite not being used and came up with astonishing results.

The method they used to find which applications suck the battery out of your phone was that analyzed and checked which functions the apps used (such as location or camera), how much battery power those require, and whether the apps in question have a dark-mode setting and through this concluded what were the top applications using your battery the most.

From the data, researchers found that Fitbit, Facebook, Instagram Skype, Uber, and Verizon were among the top 10 applications responsible for drinking up your battery.

The phone storage company also found that social media and dating applications were the two main factors which were found guilty of draining your phone’s battery. The famous socializing applications known as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, and WhatsApp were found to be in the top 20 list of battery drainers and it was also observed that these applications permit 11 features to run in the background even when not being used.

Bumble, Grindr, and Tinder were the dating websites which accounted for 15 percent of battery being used and it was clear that dating applications exhaust your phone similar to how online dating exhausts you because they also let 11 features run in the background while you swipe on potential matches.

However, everyone has different applications on their phone and in case you don’t have many of the above mentioned applications on your phone but are still tired of your phone running out of battery, you can check which apps suck your battery by just a few steps. All you will have to do is go to settings, select on battery, and look at battery usage by app.
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