Pinterest Publishes Its Progress Report For The First Quarter Of 2021, Revealing That The Platform Is Still Going Strong

Pinterest has published a progress report for Q1 2021, revealing a whopping 478 million monthly active users on the platform.

There's a lot else that the progress reports delves into as well, but Pinterest's continual growth has certainly been a highlight of the company. While the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic certainly had more people clamoring to social media outlets in the face of lockdown, this Q1 2021 report seems to prove that the surge of activity on the platform isn't stopping anytime soon. A total of 478 million active users every month is an impressive milestone, and this number sees an overall 30% increase when compared to last year's first quarter. However, it should be noted that while this growth rate is certainly better than Q1 2020's 26%, it's still a decline from the consistent 37% held by last year's Q3 and Q4 respectively. Ultimately, much of this can be owed to the reopening of stores and physical merchandise outlets. Pinterest forms a big part of the online e-commerce scene, and ultimately this drop, while perhaps slightly disappointing to some, is to be expected.

As revealed by the report, 98 million of the 478 million users are comprised by USA citizens, with 380 million users being international users. The ratio of international users to US citizens has also increased as compared to Q1 2020, displaying that Pinterest's international platform keeps on growing. The former audience saw a 37% year to year increase, while the latter displayed a 9% increase. Ultimately, ratios aside, Pinterest holds a frim grasp over a very comfortable online niche. It's monthly active userbase exceeds numbers provided by the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Reddit, although it is still trumped by Facebook and Instagram.

Pinterest's average revenue per user (ARPU) has seen a year to year increase as well. In Q1, 2021, this number stands at a global USD $1.04, as compared to Q1, 2020's $0.77. However, as with the monthly active users, this number is actually a disincline from Q4 2020's $1.57. The same reasoning can be applied here as was postulated above. US citizens make up the bulk of these earnings, at $3.99 ARPU, with the international userbase contributing $0.26 ARPU.

As for total revenue, Pinterest stands at a USD $485 million for Q1 of this year, seeing a global year to year increase in revenue of 78%. The international market itself saw a 170% increase in revenue generation, even if it ultimately only corresponds to $95 million of the total. The rest is supplemented by the USA's generation of $390 million, a 65% increase as compared to Q1 2020.

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