Twitter brings out a new scheduling feature for Twitter Spaces

From the beginning of the year Twitter is on an acquisition spree, since January Twitter has acquired six big companies including Breaker, Ueno, Drive scale and others. Twitter’s performance and has been constantly increasing over the years and the company is now innovating and entering new markets.

Last year after the success of ‘Clubhouse’ an audio only app that hosts live discussions, Twitter also decided to launch Twitter Spaces which is a live audio feature just like its rival Clubhouse. Ever since Clubhouse launched many companies have been competing to launch its clones in order to get the maximum market share. Twitter has also been quick to launch new features to make Spaces popular amongst users. Any person using Twitter on android and iOS can easily be a host on Spaces if he has more than 600 twitter followers.

This month when Twitter made Spaces global it announced some new features and also other ideas for Spaces, the company said that people that host a meeting on Spaces can now schedule their meeting, this way it will be easier for other people to know the exact time they will be live.

Scheduled audio talks has been one of the most requested feature ever since Spaces launched, its rival Clubhouse already has a scheduled meeting option. The user can tap the scheduled space card to get notified once the host goes live, moreover Twitter announced that the Space host will receive two notifications which include one reminder 30 minutes before the start and the second one right before the live is about to start. After adding this much requested scheduling feature Twitter Spaces will be used by more people than before and now is a serious threat to its rival Clubhouse.

Apart from the scheduling feature Twitter is working on improving the discoverability and accessibility of Spaces and is bringing new changes to Spaces like including Ticketed Spaces which can be the future of online events and prove to be highly profitable, Twitter will fix the ticket prices and the number of tickets. Twitter is also planning to give users the ability to record conversation on Spaces which they can later listen to. Right now Twitter is testing a purple bubble around profile pictures to show users that the person is hosting a Space session.

Different tech giants are releasing their own versions of live audio discussions which is affecting the reign of Clubhouse.

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