Facebook decides to no longer remove any posts claiming that the COVID-19 virus was man made

The COVID-19 virus came into existence in the start of 2020 since then it started spreading to different parts of the world and affected all countries in no time. Alongside the virus a lot of fake information also travelled around the world. The main reason for the spread of a lot of fake news and information was social media, people around the world posted fake information that other people believed to be true which led the fake information to spread like wildfire.

Facebook is the biggest social site with around 3 billion users. In the pandemic Facebook noticed a massive increase in its monthly active users, the COVID-19 virus became the trending topic of discussion on Facebook. A lot of conspiracy posts were made on the platform, the most famous conspiracy being that the COVID 19 virus was not actually caused by a man eating a bat but instead was created in a lab.

Previously Facebook used to remove posts that said the virus was man made, however recently a Facebook spokesperson said that the company has updated their rules and now will no longer remove these posts and now people can openly discuss this possibility on their platform.

The change in Facebook’s rules is said to come after the US president Joe Biden ordered to investigations on whether the virus came into the world as a result of a man eating an infected animal or was it created by accident in a laboratory. Biden in a recent statement said that he has asked authorities to enlarge their investigation.
A theory says the virus is the result of a lab accident that occurred while scientists at a Wuhan lab were studying corona viruses, though this theory gained a lot of popularity but scientists disagreed to this statement being a possibility as it lacked enough evidence. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) which Facebook heavily depended on to shape their policies and rules announced that they are open to discuss all possibilities, which can possibly be another reason behind the new change in Facebook’s policies. Previously Facebook removed millions of posts that made many different claims but now the company says that it will no longer remove any statements on this topic even if they go further from claiming the virus as a lab accident.

Facebook also changed its posting rules on information regarding the COVID vaccines when a lot of fake news was spreading on the platform.

Since the media and government is now focused towards the investigation of the origination of the virus, it is not surprising that Facebook has opened its platform for discussions.

H/T: Politico.

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