Facebook to Drop Your Name Down the Feed If You Keep On Spreading Fake News And Misinformation

Facebook is one of the most popular social media applications out there and the social media giant has always taken positive steps to ensure a safe and secured environment online. One thing the company has always made sure is to stop the spread of misinformation online.

Previously Facebook used fact checking AI tech to detect misinformation and instead of removing such posts, the tech giant only marked them with a notice that the following post may contain sensitive or untrue information in order to let people know that this post can be offending and should not be believed on, and in some very rare cases has it happened that the tech giant has removed some posts due to misinformation. However, after the occurrence of the pandemic, the election propagandas and the vaccine roll out, the control on the spread of misinformation has been managed strictly on the tech giant and while previously the posts were not so often removed and users could post whatever they wanted without worrying about their posts and its reach, it is no longer the case now.

Facebook has now released a statement explaining that while previously some posts which were considered sensitive or offending according to the policies of the company were not displayed so often on the feed of the users’ friends, things have taken a twist now. Users which will be highlighted on sharing content sensitive to the policies of the tech giant very often not only their misinformed posts will be dropped down to the end of the display feed but their other normal post display will also be minimized. This simply means that slowly and gradually your existence from your friends feed can vanish if you keep on posting and sharing content that the tech giant considers sensitive and against its policies.

Facebook has now realized that social media plays a huge impact on the lives of people and the outburst at the Capitol by Trump’s supporters after his posts online is a clear example of this. The social media companies are on high alert and trying to minimize the spread of misinformation related to the pandemic, elections, politics, vaccines and whatever crucial matter it considers sensitive to ensure a healthy and safe space online for people to have good and positive experience on.
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