New Report Reveals Phishing Attacks Have Increased in the First Quarter of 2021 Compared to the Last Years’ Quarter

In the last few year’s humans have become highly dependent on technology, people use technology to make work much easier for them. The use of internet and technology sure has a lot of benefits but there are a few drawbacks that come with it, one such drawback of using the internet is ‘Phishing’ which is a type of cyber attacking that tricks a human into revealing personal and sensitive information or deploys a malicious software into the victim’s computer to steal personal data files. With the increase in the demand for internet, phishing has also increased.

PhishLabs as the name suggest is a company which aims to protect people against cybercrimes like phishing, leakage of data, data theft and other such threats. Recently the company released its quarter one detailed report on threat and intelligence. To prepare their first quarter report Phish Labs examined and diminished a large number of cyber-attacks on many different companies and their employees. The quarter one report is based on the data collected from the cyber-attacks and uses the data to predict the trends on phishing. You can get the report from their website for free.
"Phishing site volume outpaced Q1 of 2020 by 47 Percent.", reveals Phishlabs team.

The founder and also the CTO of Phish labs said that phishing is continuing to grow and the platforms that are affected the most by phishing are e commerce and cryptocurrency, meanwhile social media and other sites and platforms that offer financial services are continuously experiencing phishing at a high rate.

The survey that has been collected for the report reveals that the phishing site data volume for the first quarter of 2020 was outrun by the data collected of the Q1 of 2021 and that the 62 percent of sites abuse the free tools and services online, and the same percentage of malware was delivered through emails to many users as observed by Zloader. It was also observed that 82.7 percent of Phishers used SSL Certificates, and the Office 365 users were also targeted the most through emails at least by 44.5 percent.

From their data that was collected PhishLabs enlightened in the report that the factor that was targeted the most for phishing had to be the cryptocurrency because of the rise in the popularity of the sector over the time. Apart from this one reason for the increase in the phishing within this industry could be because of the low risks that comes with stealing cryptocurrency and the large payouts hackers could achieve easily.

The most common targeted sites according to the report were social media, emails and other user accounts which accounted for almost 40 percent phishing. This happened because these basic accounts can also be led to the log in of other accounts which are unrelated to the service making the hacker achieve two birds with a single shot. However, the accounts for Single Sign On were the most targeted ones for the first quarter of 2021.

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