Facebook and Instagram Gives Option to Users to Decide What They Want to Do About Their Likes Display

Facebook, this week has launched its new “No Like” feature on both Instagram and Facebook.

Social media has a huge impact on the lives of people now and through many studies it has been revealed that the social platforms could possibly have a negative impact on the lives and way of thinking of the younger generation. The social media is a rat race for likes now for many where people judge content based on the number of likes it has received rather than focusing on the content and the meaning it holds.

Apart from this, users upload pictures and are very focused on the amount of likes they get. Where in some cases if the number of likes was less than their expectation many users specially the younger ones on the platforms have a habit of deleting the posts and not feel good about themselves.

The tech giant was concerned about this because the Royal Society for Public Health UK in its report in 2017 revealed that such habits could be detrimental to the mental health of the users. Many users who were not keen with the appearance of likes on their platforms and were tired of the hunger for likes online switched to other options like Vero, Oggl and DayFlash etc. to get rid of this.

However, though Instagram and Facebook could take a similar step and remove the likes altogether, they realized that while a chunk of its community were tired of the likes factor there was another half of it which relied on these likes for earning purposes, specially the influencers and content creators online. It was noted from a survey taken by the tech giant that while smaller influencers were not happy with the removal of likes display because they used those likes to establish themselves in the influencing community and move forward, some of the already settled and bigger names voted in favor of removal of the likes.

Facebook realized that since its community was divided into two halves each holding a different sentiment about the removal of likes, it was not up to the tech giant to decide whether they should remove the likes or not. Hence after years of testing on both Facebook and Instagram, the tech giant has now given an option to users to decide what to do about it themselves.

The tech giant has now provided a separate option for users to decide what they want to do. On both the applications, users can turn off the likes display of the posts appearing on their feed while through a separate option can also turn off the likes display for their own posts.

Instagram also provides an option where users can decide the display of likes per post which means that on some posts like can be displayed while it can be hidden on the others. Facebook however will be launching this option in the coming weeks.
This looks like a great decision by the tech giant and a very wise one too.

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