Apple has earned revenue of $89.5 billion in just the second quarter of 2021 already

Apple released iPhone 12 in October of 2020, as said by many, this release was one of the most important one for Apple and also made some impactful marks as well. The launch of this model of iPhone will always be one of the many important launches made by the company. This year too started with a bang for the multinational company. It has been reported that the multinational tech giant company earned $47.9 billion with just its iPhone sales. While people were expecting the revenue to be $77.3 billion, the company is reported to have earned revenue of $89.5 billion in its second quarter of 2021. The sales of iPhones remained unaffected even with the stores being closed all across the United States. There was apparently a global shortage of chip which deeply affected all the sales of MacBooks and iPad and their supply has been postponed at the moment by the tech giant company due to this crisis. The production of iPhones however is not to get affected due to this shortage.

Apple opened all of its 270 stores across the United States in March for the first time since the global COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of these stores. The revenue earned by the sales of iPhone is $47.94 billion whereas the expected revenue was $41.49 billion, for wearables the expected revenue was 7.52$ billion but what came in was 7.8$ billion. By the looks of it, Apple has been going a few steps ahead than what is predicted for the company. Apple has made quite some headlines for its soon to be released iOS 14 and at one part where they have received backlash from other tech companies like Facebook, they have also received praise from their users on the other for taking the huge step just to ensure that their users have control over their privacy and who to allow to look over it.

The company is also expected by Wall Street to deliver around 220 million iPhone units and that too throughout the year 2021 as due to the global shortage of the chip, the company has already pushed back its deliveries for MacBooks and iPads.

Even though Apple stores all across the United States have reopened after a hiatus of one year, the stores are practicing all the SOPs and other safety protocols to ensure safety of their buyers.

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