New Search Labels Might Make Apple App Store Easier to Navigate

The App Store offered by Apple has been a very important part of what has made apps so widespread in this modern day and age, but it has remained more or less the same in terms of how apps end up getting organized once they are on the aforementioned store. However, a recent experiment that Apple has conducted indicates that things might start changing quite soon and it might just help to make things easier in terms of finding apps that might be relevant to you.

This change essentially involves a new tagging mechanism that can further separate apps into various kinds of categories. Basically, these labels can help you pinpoint what you are looking for when you make a search on the app store. For example, if you search for action games you will see a selection of tags such as multiplayer, offline and the like which you can select to find apps that fall into all the relevant categories for you.

Screenshots: Nick / Twitter.

This isn’t exactly the first time that Apple has played around with tags since a similar experiment was conducted back when iOS 7 was the latest operating system that the company had on offer. This last test didn’t last very long since Apple clearly didn’t think it was ready for a widespread rollout, and since the test for tags is still only being conducted on the server side this time around a lot of users don’t even know about the test in the first place.

It is important to note that this update could really improve the experience users have with the App Store and it can also help apps made by smaller developers get the kind of exposure that can help democratize the process by which apps can become profitable.

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