Android 12 will be helping Google Discover to get a facelift

Google Discover seems to be checking out the upcoming Android 12 for some new design. This will give a new look and can change the alignment for the logo of Google and can also strip off the colors from it. This will be leading towards the logo being either gray or White as it will now be dependent on the user’s system's theme.

Android Police and 9to5G discovered this new look of Google Discover. They said that the changes being observed are only available for the Android 12. Another change observed is the placing of inbox icon to right next to the user’s account profile, this will be done by the remodeled UI. It is not any major change by any means and based on the observed changes it can be said that they will impose no effect on system performing functions.

As per 9to5G, "Stories in the Discover feed are no longer placed in individual cards", plus, descriptions are also going away.

Google Discover was introduced back in 2018 when it was brought in as Google Feeds rebranding which itself was a rebranding for Google Now. The aim behind introducing Google Discover was to show the users the trending viral news, information in scroll based format and other evergreen content. With the help of this Discover, the user can start surfacing the available content even before the required time.

Since the release of Google Discover back in 2018, it managed to show its importance year over year with the user experience that kept becoming visible. With the announcement of Galaxy S21 being made, it was also revealed that the upcoming series will be featuring Google Discover Feed Integration in its launcher. Similarly even on the other devices, Google Discover proved itself for being a quality service provider.

The latest change of UI in Google Discover is no doubt a not so major change however in some cases even a small change can have a much larger impact on the user’s experience. With the Google’s logo being aligned differently can make the experience to be more like a helpful service instead of being just a search engine to the user. The addition of Google Discover like weather and news feed by Microsoft in the Windows 10 taskbar became so obvious.

It is ahead of time to think about how widely the new look will be available and whether the old self for the Google Discover will once again be reconsidered and lastly if this new upcoming change will only be restricted to devices carrying android 12. All these queries are still valid and it is expected that the conference to be help by Google in May will guide more about the further planning.

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