TikTok is rolling out the picture-in-picture mode for live stream videos

If there is an app that got highly popular fast, then it has to be TikTok. This video sharing platform has been the top most app for setting out trends that has reached all across the world. Especially, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when everyone was looking for different forms of entertainment in quarantine, TikTok kept us all busy, and somewhat distracted from the horrors that were going on in the world. It kept all of us united by taking part in different challenges and trends and in some way became our companion to go through with our stay at home phase. Launched in September of 2016, TikTok in China is actually known as Douyin, and is a video sharing social media platform owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. The app allows users to make short videos with a duration of 15 seconds to 1 minute. The content on the platform is related to different types of genre; from dance to education and of course comedy.

With many other social media platforms coming up with features that set the bar too high. To keep up with the competition and maintain its rank as the one of the most used apps all around the world. TikTok too is coming up with features that makes the platform more engaging than it used to be. Recently, the social media app came up with new filters and tools for users to make more videos and for content creators to create engaging and meaningful content with the help of those filters, tools, effects and stickers.

Matt Navarra, who is a well-known UK based social media consultant and industry commentator, recently tweeted about a special feature which TikTok has introduced for its users. TikTok has introduced the PIP (picture in picture) feature for its users in live streaming! The picture in picture feature is a type of a multi window mode which lets the users who are viewing that content view a video or image on a small window pinned to that content on somewhere on the screen while also allowing them to use other apps and content on the main screen. The picture in picture feature helps users to view different content at the same time and it also allows users to multi task as well.

With TikTok's new feature, the live stream will enter into a PIP mode, letting users view something related to that content on a small corner of their screen while also live streaming as well. This feature is definitely a smart move on TikTok’s part that'll help it to increase more engagement on the platform as no other feature will allow user engagement as this one. The feature will greatly lift the user experience on the app.

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