While responding to the criticism of Facebook regarding changes in the Apple's transparency practices, Tim Cook says that it’s hard to argue against the privacy of users

As everybody knows that Apple is all set to introduce App Transparency Tracking changes in iOS 14.5, which is currently in beta phase, after the changes of this privacy, all apps that access the iPhone’s ad identifier will be required to take permission from the users to collect the data. These apps will not be allowed for tracking if the user refuses to grant permission to the app. As people do care about their privacy, especially, in the US where many people have said that they more care about the privacy of their data than their lives. Facebook has already many allegations regarding the leakage of privacy of its users and it is most probable that a lot of people may not grant permission to Facebook for tracking. Further, these platforms like Facebook whose income depends on selling ads are required to collect a large number of data of users.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple was asked a question that what is his opinion regarding Facebook’s statement that Apple is essentially an existential crisis to the business of Facebook? The last few months were full of complaints regarding the changes of Apple transparency tracking (ATT) policies and Facebook further criticized Apple’s policy that small businesses mostly rely on tracking to provide personalized ads and after the ATT, those ads will be less effective and Tim Cook was also asked that how ATT will impact Facebook?

Tim Cook answered that Apple's operating system has not just focused on Facebook, iOS new version has just handed over the choice to users whether they permit apps or not and it is very hard to argue against the privacy of users. He further said that he is shocked by the pushback of Facebook to this degree.

Recently, the tone of Facebook has changed a bit after the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said that maybe the new changes can bring some benefits to the platform by giving it an upper hand in the commerce space. He further said that Facebook may be in a strong position after changing privacy policies that encourage more businesses to conduct more commerce to Facebook and it may be harder for them to track the data to find consumers that we want to use outside Facebook.

As per Kara Swisher, Tim Cook’s latest interview will be published on Monday in which he further talked about the power of big tech giant companies.

Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

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