Microsoft Edge is planning to make internet searching more easier for Desktop Users

Microsoft Edge Canary is trying to improve its user experience as it's now testing a new floating desktop search widget. If you have a close eye on the development of Windows, you may know about something similar to this feature, many people who used Windows Vista may be familiar with that floating feature and for those people who are unaware, that desktop gadget feature was launched by Microsoft to improve the overall experience in the Windows. Now Microsoft is trying to recreate a quite similar experience on Windows 10 using its Edge Chromium browser.

Chrome Canary users have seen the presence of a new widget, a feature that floats over other apps. Those people who have the availability of this floating feature can go to Edge settings by simply visiting this page edge://settings/?search=web%20widget, and then clicking on the option "Launch Web widget now to see how it works" will open a new Web Widget window, now pressing on the setting icon in the new windows you'll then see three layout options that will be available to you that are vertical, dashboard, and search only. What we are talking about here is the Search Only Layout, just enable it and the new window will adopt to a new layout. This layout will help you to search information with just one click.

The important thing to note here is that the Search Only Layout will let the users search anything with (the help of Microsoft owned search engine) Bing, no matter wherever you are in the Windows OS this web widget mode.

The best part is, you don’t have to leave your current workflow to shortly work on matters like if you want to search on internet, or you have to make calculations, or navigate to a URL, etc. you can find it as search only layout and you can have it clearly floated on your screen, and there is also a setting option and hide sticky icon from your screen. If you want to have the availability of a floating web search widget, you need to install the most recent Microsoft Edge Canary build; otherwise, you cannot enable this feature.

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