Facebook Now Has Positive Reviews About Apple’s New App Tracking Transparency Policy

Apple is introducing an App Tracking Transparency Feature in iOS 14.5 which will now make developers take consent from users before taking and sharing their data. Previously apps could take data without user consent and share it around which was great for targeted ads on the apps that also brought a lot of revenue to the tech companies. However, Apple is forbidding any such activity on iOS devices now. Developers have to start a notification which will ask for user consent for sharing and taking data and only when the user allows will the developers be able to take their data. Already installed apps will ask for permission when first opened after the feature is launched and new downloads will take consent before installation.

While a lot of developers gave in to this new policy easily, Facebook had some issues with Apple. A lot of Facebook’s revenue is generated through the targeted ads which are targeted only through the data they acquire. Facebook claimed that Apple was doing this for its own selfish purposes and that a lot of small businesses depend on Facebook for their work and targeted ads are one main thing which makes their businesses boost. While Apple denied any such claims and said whoever does not sit well with their new policy will have to face consequences similar to Fortnite which was removed from App Store for going against Apple’s policy.

However, it seems like Facebook has different views now. In a very recent chat which took place on none other than the very famous app “Clubhouse” also which Facebook is trying to copy. In the conversation Mark said that he feels confident about the new policy changes by Apple and how his company will handle them. He believes that the new policy will prove to be beneficial for the company.

Wondering how, when just a few weeks ago, he was denying accepting this new policy.

Well, Zuckerberg believes that after the launch of the new policy more vendors will consider selling their products directly through Facebook and Instagram to reach audiences once Apple restricts how ads work and this will bring more business to their platform.

Previously the tech giant was introducing ads on the web and TV to convince users to allow user tracking for their platform because that will help small scale businesses associated with Facebook and convincing his employees to take a stand against Apple but now his words look rather positive against Apple and its new policy.

Photo: Aurelien Meunier / Getty Images


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