More than half of the Surveyed American thinks that getting hacked is more dangerous than being killed, because data is more important than life

The people of the USA are very sensitive about their personal data because they do not want to share their privacy with anyone, not even with their country. A few years back the website of the CIA was hacked by a native American for snooping his personal data. After being arrested he said that he will not allow the government to get his data or his phone calls record. This incident shows that their data is more important than their life. During the COVID-19 pandemic, hacking has been increased where the criminals can control your phone calls even before you receive them. It is also reported that a large amount of data is leaked from social media platforms.

Even if you regularly change your pin code or passwords, these criminals use unknown links or third-party websites or they use fake investment ads when you unintentionally or intentionally click it, these hackers get control of your data. The people of America are right up to some extent that when you get killed the murderer just gets your life, but when your data is hacked your whole family may be in danger, so their point is justified.

An American analytics and advisory company, Gallup, carried out a survey of more than a thousand Americans. That was a shocking report that most Americans were worried about cybercrime than any other type of crime. When personal information like credit card and financial information of Americans get stolen by hackers, they even lose their sleep.

The second most dangerous criminal in the eyes of Americans is a person who stole their identity because the hacker can commit major fraud on your behalf. These hackers get the information of your identity through cybercrime and use your name. For instance, they may take a loan from the bank in your name or get involved in theft or other types of crimes. These two types of crimes are normal in the pandemic situation.

During the survey, it was also found that more than 35% of Americans have also become the victim of burglarizing when there are not at home, their cars are stolen, or other physical goods. The American parents are also worried about their children were hurt in school. About 17% of Americans think that they are afraid of getting killed.

However, you need to be very careful that you don’t have to share your personal or financial information with anybody, even if somebody calls you that he is the bank agent and asking for the pin code of your card, do not trust. If you want to be secure while you are online, use Virtual Private Network. It is a VPN that protect your data from third parties like hackers and the government or your own ISP. You become anonymous while you are online through this VPN. We have also launched Atlas VPN for free, so you can avoid paying heavy costs on it. You can get a subscription to it if you want to widen your location. You do not need to share your social security number with anyone if you always want to be safe. You can use these types of precautions and share these tips with your friends and family.
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