In 2020, on average, iPhone users in the US are spending almost $138 on apps, which is almost 38% more than the previous year

According to a report, the iPhone users in the US are spending more than ever in the ecosystem of the App Store, especially a record spent on apps during the pandemic situation. Sensor Tower research has shown that how many users in the US have spent on individual apps and in-app purchases in the last year. However, in this research, e-commerce and the apps that provide services such as Uber and Amazon are not included. The data shows a rise in spending from the past few years as people in the US were spending almost $79 on apps in 2018, and this spending was increased up to $100 in the next year in 2019. However, in 2020, this amount has reached up to $138, and according to an estimate, this spending can grow up to $180 by the end of 2021.

There has been the highest growth in gaming apps as people are spending more than $76.80 in 2020 which is about $23 extra than in 2019. Throughout the year 2020, people have used iPhone apps for their work, entertainment, online shopping, and much more and the apps’ spending has seen a new record since the year 2016 when it has increased up to 42% years after years. The pandemic situation has given people more time to use these apps as people were getting bored at home and wanted to get entertainment so they chose mobile games and many people have paid subscriptions to these apps. These mobile apps are the source of spending their time with friends; therefore, per-device spending on mobile games has increased up to 43% from 2019 to 2020 which is about 22% higher than in 2018.

Mostly, puzzle games, candy crush, saga are more famous games in terms of spending people in the US because these games helped people to take their minds off the pandemic and these games were reducing their stress. The average category spending on these famous games is about $15.50 per-active device, casino games spending are $13.10, then strategies games have also seen spending of about $12.30 in the US. If we talk aggregately, people in the US have spent more than $143 billion on apps and in-app purchases on both iOS apps and Android apps according to a report of App Annie. Many people in the US have also spent a decent amount on entertainment-related apps, photo and video apps including their editing, social networking, and about lifestyles apps. Check out below charts for more insights.
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