Twitter Is Working On Improving Its Monetization Options By Testing a Tip Jar Right On User Profiles

Twitter is a great space for people to type in their thoughts or randomly rant about something under the limited character of words that the platform offers and while it has a great number of audience Twitter lacks slightly behind in terms of growth when compared to other social media platforms despite Twitter being one of the oldest ones in the social media world.

Why is that? Well it has its own various reasons due to why the growth seems stunt but the top one will definitely be the lacking in the monetization which the app offers and due to this less creators and followers are attracted towards the application and are more interested in platforms through which they can earn a certain amount.

Twitter realized where it lacked and is now working towards improving its monetization issues. The application has also reported the launch of a Superfollow feature on the app as well as the company has confirmed the launch of the tip jar in the Twitter version of Clubhouse called “Twitter Spaces.”

While all this is old news now, one really new update that has come related to Twitter improving the revenue for its creators’ issue is the tip jar making its way on the user’s own profile.

The app researcher, Jane Manchun Wong tweeted that the company is planning on adding a tip jar right on the user’s profile and this feature will open up to and will be beneficial for users who do not want to get into partaking with their followers through audio.

This new tool is a paid one obviously and the characteristic works by sending cash through Bandcamp, Money App, Patreon, PayPal and Venmo. Considering no native characteristic is involved suggests that Twitter is not going to get into dealing with any cash themselves.

Considering how simple the feature is the least friction free option related to the characteristic can be a button on the tweet or other content itself which would allow readers to reward content they find worthy with more than likes and shares.

Twitter is a great place for people to type in their thoughts and is one of the most used applications in the world and if Twitter works towards improving their monetization issues this will attract more users to Twitter and encourage brands to market their products on the platform as well which will be a great thing for both users and the application.

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